Rules For Parents

  1. Please respond to notices sent through the School Diary by signing under it or writing a brief reply separately.
  2. Please instruct your child not to leave the School premises if his /her auto rickshaw or personal vehicle does not arrive to take him/her back home. The student must remain within the premises and inform the class teacher/s. The School will not take the responsibility if the children leave the campus without permission.
  3. We hope to keep you informed of important dates throughout the school year. Please check with your child's class teacher regarding current and upcoming events/activities. Changes in dates and time inevitably occur and these may not be reflected in our school website.
  4. Parents and guardians should sign in blue or black ink in all reports, circulars, note books, worksheets etc when required to do so.
  5. Any loss or damage to school property by the student will have to be made good by the parent.

Health Care
A child will not be allowed to leave the school during the working hours unless, if he / she fall sick or hurts himself /herself. This leave can be granted with the permission of the Principal.

The school does not assume responsibility for safety of the vehicles of staff or parents.

Lunch & Snacks

  1. Students bring their lunch baskets, all necessary accessories to be brought to maintain hygiene.
  2. Parents, drivers are not allowed into the school premises to hand over lunch boxes without identity due to security reason.
  3. Parents are requested to send enough food for their wards.

Telephone / Mobile Nos. of Parents

  1. Any change in the office / residence/mobile number ,should be notified in writing to the School Office.
  2. Cell – phones and IPods to school if found, it would be confiscated . Students are permitted to use the office telephone numbers in case of any emergency.


  1. Expose your ward to books and other good and healthy reading materials at home and always show your child that you love him/her, no matter what he/she does or does not do at school.
  2. We have a well stocked library with books on all subjects. Students are permitted to use the library during the school working hours. Library books should be returned in the disputed time or a fine will be levied on a daily basis.


  1. Please make arrangement to pick up your child from the bus stop. School will not be responsible for a child not being picked up at the stop.

    Payment of Fees

    1. Fees should be paid before the commencement of each term at the HDFC Bank.
    2. Fees will not be collected by the bank if the card is not produced during the time of payment.
    3. If the school fees are not paid in time, students results will not be declared and will not be allowed to appear for the examination/ assessment.
    4. Fees paid after the due date will attract a late fee.
    5. Change in fee structure is at the discretion of the School management.
    6. The decision of the Management is final in all matters.


    1. Students must be punctual in reaching the school every day. The school gates will be closed at 8.20 am for Reception to Grade 10 and 8.30 am for Montessori and thereafter no child will be allowed to enter.
    2. On the third instance of the late arrival at school, the student will be marked absent. A minimum of 95% attendance is compulsory. Students with 100 % attendance will be awarded certificates at the end of the academic  year.
    3. Regular attendance is important. In case of absence of more than 3 days, students will be required to submit a leave letter the next day, indicating the reason for absence. If the child is on leave due to ill health, a medical certificate and a fitness certificate should be produced along with the leave letter. If the child is absent for one or two days the leave record in this diary should be filled in by the parent.
    4. If a student is not attending school for a long period(i.e. more than a week), a letter to this effect should be given to the class teacher / phase leader in advance, stating the reason for absence.
    5. All students must be present on the re-opening day of each term . The name of the students who are absent on the re-opening day will be struck of the roles and the parents will have to seek re-admission.

    Appointment  with Principal / Teachers / Phase leaders
    Parents may call on the Principal ,Teachers on any working day with prior appointment at least once in a month to find out about the regularity in attendance, academic progress and social behaviour of their child
    Parents are not allowed to meet the teacher during school hours in the class room.

    Open Day
    Open Day is held every year. It is compulsory for parents to attend Open Days . Prices intimation regarding the date and time will be informed in writing.